Released on December 06, 2020

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Future:
10 Principles to Maximize Each Day

Evolving personally and professionally is a choice based on our daily micro-goals, as well as our macro-goals. I designed a 10 principle mindset to maximize each day & my mission is to empower as many people as possible to be fulfilled in all aspects of life. It is critically important to be thankful for every victory, every loss & every lesson we have experienced in pursuit of who we want to become. Josh Gorra is an entrepreneur coach, public speaker & loves to teach his “time value of life” model. As a son of immigrant parents, Mr. Gorra shares his story on how he has overcome obstacles to become successful personally & professionally.

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Destination Driven

I’m passionate about tracking and maximizing my “time value of life” mindset merging both personal and professional lives, while tailoring it to you. I love teaching my entrepreneurs my 10 principle mindset and empowering you to find your “drive within” because your mindset is the driver to your destination. Based on overcoming my own obstacles, my greatest gratification is paying it forward & changing one life at a time.


As Featured in Coastal Home Life Magazine