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For You, Your Family & Your Business.


For You, Your Family & Your Business.

Learn to become the best version of yourself. Your mindset is the driver to your destination.

10 daily principles to maximize our day

Everyday say thank you to the universe for 3 people & 2 experiences you are grateful for. It’s not easy but it’s about muscle memory. At night thank the universe for the top 3 things that happened that day & 2 things you promise to do better tomorrow.
Self care
Make yourself a priority daily, running, biking, boxing, swimming, it’s just important to get your blood flowing 4-5 times per week. Get your mindset right in the morning. Set the tone for the day!

What do you do on a daily basis that makes you feel alive? How do you start your day and do you account for every conscious action on a daily basis first thing in the morning? Key question to ask yourself, If you don’t take care of yourself how can you help others? Translation, if you don’t love who you are and take care of yourself 100% on a daily basis, how will you show the world how to love you? Really focus around personal happiness, personal wins, personals goals first.

Don’t do anything your heart is not in the right place. If you join a cause do it because you want to create change. You want to help sincerely. Best question to ask yourself is, “if I had all the money in the world, would I still contribute to this?”

Am I being authentic around who I want to be on a daily basis? Is my mindset aligned with my passion and where I want to go? The magical question around opportunity and the mystery. The magical question is everyone has the opportunity to work on their passion, the question is why doesn’t everybody work on theirs daily?

Critically important to have a circle you trust and has your back. They also have to be equally as strong as you to challenge you so you all grow. It’s hard to learn if you have all the answers.
Everyday listen to a book, a biography, learn a new skill. How can you be your best if you aren’t evolving?
Every day adds to your destination, trust your gut, your instinct. If you think about something or someone go after your search. Don’t be afraid, don’t listen to naysayers. Trust your path, every stop is there for you for a specific reason.
Always pay it forward, doesn’t matter what it is you contribute. It could be paying someone’s tab at a restaurant. It could be saving a child from crossing the street and not getting struck by a car. Join a non-profit, live passed yourself.
Daily wins are critical, but understand when you lose it’s a lesson you learn, not failure. Manufacture strength in your mind, the way we see life is what we become. Set expectations for yourself, but don’t limit yourself out of fear. Take that risk and avoid “what if” later in life. If you lose you learn and try again until you win for yourself.

You can not be the smartest in any one room all the time, if you are you don’t have mentors. Learn to accept there will be folks who can help you if you just ask. Conversely, always give back, become a mentor to someone else who looks up to you.

The journey to become great is the goal but I hate to break it to you…there is no finish line until we die. We ALL die someday, until then give every single solitary day your max, 100% all day.

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About Josh Gorra

Stay on Track Coach

Josh is originally from Lawrence, MA and has lived in Rhode Island for the last 19 years. He graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2004 with an AS in Entrepreneurship and a BS in Financial Service Management. He is passionate about teaching and utilizes his “time value of life” mindset merging both personal & professional lives, while tailoring it to the individual person. Josh has decided to focus this teaching and now specializes in coaching individual sales people & sales teams through his 10 principle mindset & helping them find “the drive within”. Based on overcoming his own obstacles, his greatest gratification is paying it forward & changing one life at a time.

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